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For successful CEOs

The mandatory stop for world-class CEOs.

Functionality, sobriety, and class.

Founded in 2011, TheCEOshop has been the reference for the ones who want to surprise those who have everything.

Innovative elements curated and created for the elite.

We make the unthinkable possible

We are committed to quality, functionality and style.

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Funding Ideas

Investing in Winners

Do you have an idea but are missing funds? Do you have some funds that you will like to invest however you are missing a good idea?

SMAIN is here to make sure your ideas and funds are in the right place.

Simple! You explain us your idea and we connect you with the right person: investor or entrepreneur.

Founded in 2020, SMAIN is a recognized and successful Company with a reputation for quality and commitment.

When we decide to work with a new company or investor, we go all in and become fully involved in all aspects of the process.

We’re looking for innovation, talent, hard work and compromise, and have a strict criteria for selecting our next partners.

If you believe that your business idea is ready to succeed or your funds are ready to be invested, reach us out. We will take care of every detail.

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